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An artistic element in Nunspeet: there are large showcases in which art is exhibited in five places in the center. This way you can clearly see that the coast in Nunspeet is alive! The showcases are regularly filled with a different theme in an inspiring way.

Fancy a refreshing walk past a mini-exhibition? Then take a look at the art cord, an artistic element in Nunspeet: there are large showcases in which art is exhibited in five places in the center. This way it is easy to see that art is alive and well in Nunspeet! The showcases are regularly filled with a different theme in an inspiring way. For example, around the May Cycling Month, the theme of 'cycling' was once seen, and there was also the theme of 'wood' and 'glass'. It is often linked to exhibitions in the Noord-Veluws museum, the seasons or current themes.

The showcases are redecorated every 3 months, and the latest developments can be seen on the Facebook page! By following the Art Cord you walk from the Transferium, via Stationsplein, through Stationslaan (past the museum) to Market Square, past beautiful art and so these places are connected in a special way.

For more information about the unique courses and other information about the Vrije Academie Nunspeet, you can visit the website. Also take a look at the Artist Platform of De Kunstkring Nunspeet.

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Veluwe Transferium Nunspeet Plesmanlaan 1 NUNSPEET

Veluwe Transferium Nunspeet

Op het transferiumterrein in Nunspeet vind je Outdoorcentrum Nunspeet waar je o.a. fietsen kunt huren. Ook vind je er brasserie Het Stationshuisje. Bezoekerscentrum Nunspeet is een leuke start voor je bezoek aan de achtergelegen bossen!


40 | Nunspeet | Veluwe | Gelderland Nunspeet

40 | Nunspeet | Veluwe | Gelderland


Noord-Veluws Museum Winckelweg 17 Nunspeet

Noord-Veluws Museum

Het Noord-Veluws Museum is een kunstmuseum en vertelt de verhalen over het ontstaan en de betekenis van diverse werken in het perspectief van de kunstgeschiedenis in de gemeente Nunspeet in de tweede helft van de 19de en de eerste helft van de 20ste eeuw


Grand Café Banka Dorpsstraat 29 NUNSPEET

Grand Café Banka

Welkom bij Grand Café Banka. Goede koffie en een krantje erbij wie wil daar nou niet de dag mee beginnen? Maar ook voor (zakelijk) lunchen, borrelen of dineren is er alle gelegenheid. Wat je ook neemt het is prettig toeven bij Grand Café Banka.


Kunstsnoer Dominee Martiniuslaan NUNSPEET


Spend the night nearby

Herberg Nuwenspete
Herberg De Nuwenspete
Partylocatie of zaalverhuur, Congres- en vergaderaccommodatie, Borrelen, Dineren, High tea, Lunchen, Restaurant

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Gezins-watersportcamping Bad Hoophuizen
Watersport, Bungalowpark, Groepsaccommodatie

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Huisje aan water EuroParcs Veuwemeer
Europarcs Resort Veluwemeer
Watersport, Water sports rental, Kano- en bootverhuurbedrijf, Bungalowpark, Dineren, Restaurant

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Camping De Oude Pol
Camping De Oude Pol
Overige winkels, Watersport, Jachthaven, Camping

Camping 'De Oude Pol', located directly on Lake Veluwe, offers extensive recreational opportunities at favorable rates. It is a quiet family campsite with a beach and marina.

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Camping Samoza
Recreatiepark Samoza
Watersport, Manege, Chalet, Stacaravan, Bungalow/Vakantiewoning, Camping, Borrelen

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Hotel de Vossenberg restaurant
Hotel de Vossenberg
Partylocatie of zaalverhuur, Hotel, Congres- en vergaderaccommodatie, Dineren, Lunchen, Brasserie/Lunchroom, Restaurant

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hotel de zwaan zijaanzicht rechts
Herberg de Zwaan Elspeet

Herberg de Zwaan is located in a small monumental hotel from 1882 in the heart of the authentic village of Elspeet on the Veluwe. The building has been restored to its former glory both internally and externally. It has 13 rooms.

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Camping De Witte Wieven
Camping De Witte Wieven
Manege, Trekkershut, Bungalowpark, Groepsaccommodatie, Camping

De Witte Wieven is quietly located on the Veluwe near the Zandenplas and 2 kilometers from the center of Nunspeet. The campsite offers spacious tourist and seasonal pitches on the grass, hikers' huts, bungalows and group accommodation.

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Camping De Tol
Camping & Minigolf De Tol
Watersport, Midgetgolf, Overige buitensport, Trekkershut, Camping, Dineren, Café of Bar, Restaurant

At De Tol campsite you can enjoy peace, the surroundings and the smiling faces of your children. Camping De Tol is a modern family campsite and stands for old-fashioned conviviality and a friendly atmosphere.

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Aqua Centrum
Aqua Centrum Bremerbergse hoek
Bungalow/Vakantiewoning, Camping

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Recreatiepark Waldpark BV

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Hotel Vierhouten
Hotel, Partylocatie of zaalverhuur, Groepsaccommodatie, Congres- en vergaderaccommodatie

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Terras Mennorode
Hotel & Congrescentrum Mennorode
Partylocatie of zaalverhuur, Hotel, Congres- en vergaderaccommodatie, Dineren, Restaurant

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Heidepark Veluwschkarakter
Chalet, Camperstandplaats, Camping

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NH Sparrenhorst_Facade
Fletcher Hotel-Restaurant Sparrenhorst-Veluwe
Partylocatie of zaalverhuur, Hotel, Congres- en vergaderaccommodatie, High tea, Restaurant

The Fletcher Hotel-Restaurant Sparrenhorst-Veluwe is ideally located on the picturesque Veluwe, in the heart of the Netherlands. The hotel is just a 10-minute walk from the center of Nunspeet and 15 minutes from the train station.

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De Roskam
Dorpsherberg de Roskam
Hotel, Borrelen, Dineren, Lunchen, Restaurant

The oldest catering building in Nunspeet, Dorpsherberg De Roskam, was completely restored in 2018-2019 and restored to its former glory. This monumental building has a café/restaurant and a room "De Huiskamer" and also has 10 hotel rooms.

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Campingpark de Vuurkuil
Glamping, Chalet, Camping

Camping park de Vuurkuil is a campsite and chalet park on the Veluwe with a focus on tranquility. The park is located in the natural area of Hulshorst. There are beautiful cycling, mountain biking, equestrian and walking routes near the park.

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Strand Polsmaten
Camping Polsmaten
Caravan, Camping

Camping Polsmaten is a cozy family campsite with a beautiful location directly on the Veluwemeer. You can enjoy the many possibilities that the Veluwe area can offer you.

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Bungalowpark Stolpenheim

Luxury recreational bungalows for 2 to 8 people on the border of the forest and village, fully equipped. Half-hidden in the woods is Bungalow Park Stolpenheim in Nunspeet on the beautiful Veluwe.

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Bungalowpark Hoogwolde

Beautiful bungalow park located in the woods, yet only a 10-minute walk from the village.

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