So much more than a Boer'ndorp on the heath

Do you want to make beautiful and varied trips in nature? Then you should definitely go to Elspeet. In and around the village there are many signposted routes that lead you across the purple heaths, the farmland and to the forests of the Crown Domain. Here you will find a great diversity of flora and fauna. In the early hours and towards the evening it is certainly not inconceivable that you will come face to face with Veluws game. Do you want to rest in between? Then you can go to the village for excellent catering establishments and their beautiful terraces. But there is so much more to experience in Elspeet!


Counting sheep on the heath

The heathland around Elspeet is not only a great place for people to stay, to take a walk or a bike ride. The bees and sheep of the Elspeet and Vierhouten sheepfold also  enjoy this beautiful area. In the summer they graze the heaths between Elspeet and Vierhouten. A feast for the eyes if you encounter them during a beautiful heath walk. Special events are Lammetjesdag and the Sheep Shearing Festival . Lammetjesdag  is a mega cute event in the Elspeter Schaapskooi. On this day you can admire the new newborn lambs … and cuddle them. During the sheep shearing feast, the woolen winter coats are removed from the sheep. They are then shaved in the traditional way.

Culture in Elspeet: Boer'ndag and book market

During the Boer’ndag on the grounds around the restored  windmill De Hoop  you can relive the farming past. A day dedicated to folklore and old crafts. You will also find all kinds of stalls with (regional) products, rural clothing and decoration.

On four Saturdays in July and August you can visit the Veluwe book market in Elspeet. This market has grown into a nationally known market with about 30 stalls from all over the Netherlands. You will find children’s books, theology books, novels, new and very old books. The book market is a true El Dorado for readers and collectors.


The new Historical Museum in Elspeet

The historical museum of Elspeet opened in 2017. In addition to a permanent collection, there are changing exhibitions. Six themes have been chosen that are characteristic of Elspeet: Archaeology, Sheep Breeding, Church History, Artists, Traditional Costume and Bio-Industry. Read more about the  museum here !