Water fun and smoking sand in Hulshorst

Hulshorst is located on the  Veluwemeer  and is therefore best known for its fantastic water sports options. In addition to four beach pools with water sports harbors, a surfing beach has been constructed on the border between Hulshorst and Nunspeet. Here you can flash over the relatively shallow water on a day with a nice breeze. Would you rather enjoy the sun in peace or enjoy a drink on a terrace by the water? Then visit the catering establishments directly on the beach of the Veluwemeer. Enjoy the beautiful view, the delicious food and much more!


Ferry boating and bird watching

In the fall it is buzzing on and around the  Veluwemeer . During this period there are many temporary residents, including Golden Plovers, Lapwings, Osprey, and various geese species. In the shallow water they can easily scrape together their winter food. Do you want to take a breather during a bike ride? Then take the ferry to Biddinghuizen. In 25 minutes you are on the other side. This way you can enjoy both the Veluwe and the polder in one day!

Railway station Hulshorst

During a bike ride in Hulshorst, make a stopover at the former  Hulshorst railway station . It was opened in 1863 and was mainly intended for the High Society. Today the station is listed as a monument. Gerrit Achterberg has dedicated a well-known poem to the station. The first line? Hulshorst, like forgotten iron. The entire poem has been   placed at the station by the Wall Poems Foundation.