Are you staying in Nunspeet and would you like to explore the area? Due to its central location in the Veluwe and good accessibility, there are countless options for a day out just a stone’s throw away. Get on your bike and explore nearby Hanseatic cities, go on an excursion in famous nature reserves or visit one of the many attractions in the vicinity of Nunspeet.
Did you know that the Veluwe has the most attractions per square kilometer? You don’t have to be bored here for a day! And then we haven’t even talked about the unique cultural pearls of the Veluwe and the many challenging options such as climbing forests and (water) sports options. The employees of the  tourist offices  are happy to help you on your way.
For beautiful atmospheric images, many fun ideas and all kinds of interesting facts, you can of course look up Visit ! A broad overview of events can be found on the  online version of the Recreatiekrant Veluwe , which can of course also be picked up at the tourist offices. On this page you will find some nice ideas for a day out. Also take a look at the  Go-Kids Veluwe page . Here you will find fun ideas for children’s activities such as treasure hunts, children’s museum afternoons, sporting activities and many more fun outings for children throughout the Veluwe.

Do you want to experience the Veluwe in a relaxed way and avoid the crowds? Then first check online how many visitors there are already in a certain place!
On an online map you can see more than 250 locations in Gelderland whether it is busy (red), cozy (yellow) or quiet (green). This data is reliable and up-to-date due to the use of digital data sources, completely GDPR-proof. This way you can easily check whether you can safely recreate at the place you want to go and find alternatives for another time or another location. Who knows, you might discover new places through the crowd radar! You can find the pressure radar here: